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What Is Mozila?

Mozila is the name used by many people for Mozilla Firefox - one of the greatest Internet browsers ever! It is created by The Mozilla company - a global community of volunteers, whose mission is to improve the way people use the Internet and make it more accessible place for everyone in the World. Firefox is open source project, so anyone is able to contribute to it. Recently, a new version - Mozila 11 has been released, which has many new features, improvements and it's ultra mega FAST. Firefox 11 is a new generation web browser, it is much more faster than the previous versions, there are many security and privacy improvements and lots of new features. It has user friendly interface and it's very simple to use. Mozila's main advantages are: incredibly high speed (this is even improved in Mozila 11 - the latest version of the browser), Internet security, simplicity, expandability, innovation and style. One of the killer features added since Mozila 4 is "Firefox Sync". With it you are able to synchronize your personal information between various computers and even an Android phone, which is amazing. This includes your favourites, your stored passwords and usernames, addons installed and many more. Now it's really easy to have the same Mozila on your phone and any computer you use. This was a big trouble for me, as I modify the browser heavily, but not anymore. The information moving between the different machines is encripted, so no one could steal it.

The Ultimate Power Of Mozila

The ultimate power of this free piece of software comes with the more than 6 000 free mozila addons, which are available to be installed. They can significantly increase the functionality of Mozila and make it really powerful web application. If you practice SEO, this browser is the best for you. It becomes a mighty SEO weapon with some of these addons installed. More about mozila addons, where to find and how to install them, you can read HERE. You can use Mozila with Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS and many other operating systems. More that 70 different languages are supported, which cover 96% of world's population. English versions are used only by less than the half of Internet users.

Nowadays more that 450 million people around the globe use Mozila and this number is growing very fast. The browser has 30% market share according to Firefox's official website. It's main rivals are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera which are also powerful free web browsers.

So don't waste more time, visit HERE and get your piece of Mozila. It is absolutely free and easy to install. You can have it working in no more than 5 minutes. If you have any problems with this, check our mozila download page, where you can read our manual of how to download and install Mozila step by step on your computer.

Where to find more about Mozila?

Here is the official site of Mozilla Firefox:

Key Features Of Mozila

  • Easy and comfortable browsing
  • Ultra fast surfing
  • Reliable browser
  • Advanced Security
  • Extreme personalization
  • Access from everywhere - mobile, desctop, etc...


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